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Greenresilient experimental site visit to Agroscope in Switzerland

Exciting discussions between Agroscope's research team and organic producers took place during the site visit in August. The take-away? Resilient greenhouse production have a favorable echo with Swiss organic production.

Greenresilient project partners from Agroscope, research group of “Greenhouse Crops” hosted an experimental site visit on August 28th. About 40 participants, including several organic growers from Switzerland, visited Greenresilient's Swiss experimental site

Exciting discussions between the Agroscope research team and organic producers took place on diverse topics; the potential for saving heating energy, optimizing soil biodiversity, the use of flower strips for the maintenance of biocontrol insects allowing a permanent biological control during crop rotations, among others.

The wide diversity of crop species successfully produced under low input energy utilising green manure was particularly impressive for everyone. Successes through crop diversification support the economic viability of resilient organic greenhouse production.

In addition, some challenges posed from Greenresilient project innovations were discussed such as the lack of technical treatments of the crop during mites and other pest attacks. However, the overall outputs of such agricultural practices are positive for organic growers. Several producers told us that they would like to stay aware about the further research results from the Greenresilient project. In the mid-term future, the ultimate challenge will be to support these Swiss producers in the implementation of such agroecological approaches to greenhouse production.