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AU-FOOD - Aarhus University, Department of Food Science, Denmark

  • Research and teaching activities in the Department of Food Science encompass the entire food chain from field to fork, as well as the health-promoting properties of foods and food constituents.
  • The Department of Food Science possesses leading capabilities and resources, as well as active national and international networks, and is therefore able to make significant contributions to current food-related global challenges: food supply, food wastage, sustainable food production under changed climatic conditions, and increased occurrence of lifestyle-related diseases. Additional focus areas include food quality, differentiation of foods, and novel, convenient and healthy foods.
  • Most of the research is carried out in collaboration with industrial or research partners, and there is a significant focus on dissemination, development, demonstration and implementation of research findings to the benefit of industry and society.

Role in the project

AU-FOOD will:

  • be leader of work package 2, resilient cropping systems.
  • run a two year greenhouse experiment where data and samples for the other work packages are collected according to instruction from the individual work packages.
  • disseminate results from the project to Danish growers and supply the other partners with results to translate and disseminate in their respective countries.