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PCG - Vegetable Research Centre Kruishoutem, Belgium

Founded 40 years ago, PCG is one of Flanders' fastest growing centres for applied research and extension services in vegetable production. PCG carries out applied research on vegetables (field trials as well as sensory analysis) and provides growers with advice and a wide range of services, in accordance with economic and social developments.

The PCG's mission is to collect, to develop and to propagate reliable knowledge to all actors in agriculture and horticulture.

The aim of the Centre is to strengthen the knowledge base of vegetable production and to provide practical information to growers. Through its Board of Directors and various technical committees, PCG is linked directly to the vegetable growers. PCG has a highly motivated and dedicated staff of researchers and technicians, with the knowledge and practical experience to develop feasible solutions its clients' problems. The research is focussed on several topics such as variety trials, fertilisation, crop protection and technical features. Research is set up in open fields and greenhouses. The main vegetables in open field cultures are leek, brassicas and leafy vegetables. Leafy vegetables are also a major crop in traditional greenhouse production while research in organic greenhouse crops is conducted both on leafy and fruity vegetables. PCG pursues a well structured policy of knowledge transfer by valorising the new findings and technologies proceeding from strategic applied research. Through publications (both scientific and popular), meetings and field trips, vegetable growers are informed on a regular basis about the latest findings and tendencies of their professional interest. It is obvious that PCG aims to play an important role as an intermediary between basic scientific research and vegetable growers, striving for an optimal win-win relationship.

Role in the project

PCG will:

  • participate in the establishment of a well-structured collaboration between the partners
  • participate and perform applied, practically-oriented research on a range of organic vegetables in polytunnels namely comparing the BAU and the innovative crop system in Flanders.
  • provide adequate dissemination, both written and orally.