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Work package 2: Resilient cropping systems

Work package 2 redesigns cropping systems at the five experimental sites included in the project. The activities are carried out in collaboration with partners managing the greenhouse/tunnel experiments and with local farmers to guarantee grower acceptance of innovative cropping systems. During the first project months, the details of the main cropping systems to be implemented at the different experimental sites are defined by AU-FOOD (D2.1). In order to support the studies on soil health and functional biodiversity (WP4), tomato will be grown as a common crop at all experimental sites.

In strict synergy with the other work packages, work package 2 contributes to the assessment of the sustainability and resilience of compared cropping systems and to the dissemination activities.


  • Task 2.1: Cropping systems in Mediterranean countries
  • Task 2.2: Cropping systems in Central and Northern countries


Karen Koefoed Petersen, Aarhus University, Work package leader