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Work package 1: Scientific and administrative coordination and quality control

WP1 aims to assure project coordination and to respect the timetable of the project by managing and monitoring the scientific activities.

This WP also aims to avoid deviations from the planned activities and, should a deviation occur, to guarantee an adaption of the work plan. A project workshop is organized to initiate the project and to secure the coordination of plans, activities and samples shared among work packages. Every year, a workshop is held at one of the project locations to plan future work and to share the outputs of the conducted research activities among all partners. Moreover, a Steering Committee (SC), whose members are responsible for the work packages, is established. The Steering Committee represents the decision body of the project and meets during the annual workshops and via conference calls at least twice a year. The coordinator guarantees the quality of the project deliverables before their submission and/or publication together with the Steering Committee. The project start is communicated through a press release soon after the official beginning of the activities (D1.1). Furthermore, the coordinator ensures that the scientific and administrative deadlines for the midterm report (D1.2) as well as the final report (D1.4) of the project are respected. Project midterm and final reports are communicated through a press release (D1.3 and D1.5). Moreover, the coordinator and the Steering Committee ensure the intellectual property management by evaluating the scientific publications related to the project.


  • Fabio Tittarelli, CREA, Work package leader