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About Greenresilient

The main objective of the Greenresilient project (Organic and bio-dynamic vegetable production in low-energy GREENhouses – sustainable, RESILIENT and innovative foodproduction systems) is to demonstrate that an agroecological approach to greenhouse production is feasible and allows the establishment of robust agroecosystems in different European areas.

The implementation of more sustainable, resilient and year-round production systems in organic and biodynamic greenhouses requires different solutions. In Central and Northern European countries, the major challenge is to produce in low-energy systems under low temperature and low light conditions, whereas the challenge in Mediterranean countries is to reduce the use of plant protection products (for example copper) as much as possible.

All systems need to address the challenge to maintain soil health and fertility. Another objective of this project is to demonstrate that a real shift in cropping paradigm for problem prevention can be achieved and that consumer awareness of the importance of organic food production (food citizenship) can be obtained from protected production systems.

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