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Greenresilient stand at the FiBL open house

During the open house at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, visitors learned about plant breeds, which can have longer growing seasons through cultivation in unheated greenhouses. Participants took part in a quiz about when certain plants are grown and how diverse growing seasons can be.

Salad bowl plant varieties used for the quiz. Photo: Kathrin Huber, FiBL

By simulating different climates in the climate chambers of the FiBL research site in Frick, Switzerland, plants which would normally be harvested in different seasons could be cultivated for this summer event and used in the demonstration. The visitors were shown different types of plants which could be used to make a varied and seasonal salad bowl. Interested visitors then tried to match the correct names and seeds with nine plants from six different plant families. Finally, they positioned the plant pots on the time line according to which season they are grown in. FiBL experts explained interesting facts about cultivation techniques, seasonality and diversity.

The goal of the exercise was to increase consumer awareness about how their food is grown, how they can take responsibility for purchasing local food, and how unheated greenhouses can contribute to longer growing seasons for many plant varieties.