First visit to the Danish Greenresilient site on June 27, 2019

On a warm and sunny day in June, between 15 and 20 growers, advisors, teachers and companies related to the horticultural industry participated in an Open House event at Aarhus University.

Four different projects were showcased; Greenresilient and SureVeg (CORE Organic Cofund projects) as well as ClimateVeg and DoubleCrop (ICROFS Organic RDD projects). We started in the greenhouse where the participants were given a short introduction and overview of the Greenresilient project followed by a more detailed description of the Danish layout. The participants were very interested and open to the concept of cutting down on energy and introducing more agroecological principles in greenhouse production. As seen in the fotos, intercropping of tomato and mange tout ‘Norli’, flower strips with Calendula and several wild flowers as well as insect traps were studied in detail. A good discussion on winter crops took place, including what species to grow, whether to sow or plant and when to plant.