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Experimental site visit in France, July 9th, 2020

On the 9th of July, about 50 farmers, farm advisors, and teachers met in Avignon, France to visit the Greenresilient experimental farm.

Project partners, GRAB Groupe de Recherche en Agriculture Biologique, organized a visit to the experimental site in France. Visitors were presented protocols and results of different trials. Visitors were very interested in Greenresilient project results because they are mindful of resilience and durability under organic greenhouses. Crop mixture and functional biodiversity are topics that especially concern producers, and discussions between experimentators and visitors were interesting and constructive.


Further information


 - 234 kBGreenResilient Protocol in 2020 (French)

 - 157 kBResults form 2018-2019 concerning pests management (French)

 - 418 kBResults from 2018-2019 concerning crop performance and soil indicators (French)

Links visit article with all results presented (French).