"A dish of health": An Italian report about how GREENRESILIENT is addressing biodynamic agriculture

The Italian report entitled “Un piatto di salute” (“A dish of health”) addresses the controversy over biodynamic agriculture and highlights what the GREENRESILIENT project is doing to address it.

Enrico Amico, an Italian partner of the GREENRESILIENT project describes how the biodynamic method is implemented on his farm, showing winter leafy crops cultivated in unheated greenhouses in Capua (Southern Italy).

The Italian GREENRESILIENT experimental site is also shown and Fabio Tittarelli, the scientific coordinator of the project, highlights the main objectives and describes how pitfall traps are used to assess soil arthropod biodiversity compared to organic systems of production.

The video also includes an interview with Alois Lageder (president of Demeter Italy) and the critical opinion on biodynamic preparations by Senator Elena Cattaneo.

It was broadcasted on SkyTg24 by Tonia Cartolano.

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