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First farm visit to Greenresilient experimental site in Capua

On July 18th, the first Greenresilient farm visit and meeting with the stakeholders was held at La Colombaia farm, in Capua, Italy.

More than 30 participants visited the Italian experimental site and La Colombaia farm. Researchers involved in Greenresilient described the experimental design and the main objectives of the project to farmers, consultants of certification bodies, agronomists, policy makers at national (Italian Ministry of Agriculture) and local (Campania Region) level, as well as researchers from local University and public research centres. Greenhouses, where green manure had already been sown, were visited, encouraging discussion on technical issues and on the sustainability of such agroecological practices in protected conditions.

In the afternoon, a roundtable titled "Organic vegetable production in greenhouses: agroecological approach or input substitution" was held with all participants. Main technical, economic and normative issues regarding organic production were discussed with national and local policy makers, creating a favourable context for further initiatives within the framework of the Greenresilient project.

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Fabio Tittarelli, CREA-AA